4 BEST Design & Development Video Game Software

Video game software is becoming increasingly popular in today’s technologically advanced environment. Nowadays, individuals of all ages are interested in gaming; it is no longer simply for children. In this article, 95news.com will discuss 4 best design & development video game software.

List of the best video game software

1) GDevelop (video game software)

GDevelop (video game software)
GDevelop (video game software)

Best For:

  • Open-source. Intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Support for HTML5 and native games.
  • Comprehensive documentation for quick learning.
  • Multi-language support.

GDevelop, an open-source, free tool, enables game developers to create games without knowing programming. You can create unique shapes, text items, video objects, and game-specific sprites using it.

Various technologies, such as the physics engine that enables objects to exhibit realistic behavior, can be used to control how an object behaves. Additionally, all levels can be edited and created using the screen editor.

This free software’s events feature allows you to create reusable functions that can be used as game expressions, conditions, and actions. This feature is absent from the other game production tools.

Pricing: As this is an open-source package, there are no fees or charges of any kind. Additionally, the source code is publicly accessible.

Features: Game deployment on multiple platforms, Sprites with multiple animations, Particle Emitters, Tiled sprites, Text objects, Support for custom collision masks, Physics engine, Pathfinding, Platformer engine, Draggable objects, Anchor, and Tweens.


  • More thorough tutorials are required to cover all topics.
  • Object behavior is generalized.

Publishing Platform: GDevelop can make HTML5 games that can be exported to both iOS and Android. For Linux and Windows, it can also produce native games.

Verdict: Select this free game development software for quickly making a wide variety of 2D games without coding.

2) Unity (video game software)

Unity (video game software)
Unity (video game software)

Best For:

  • Leading app for game development, virtual reality, and augmented reality.
  • Extremely user-friendly, especially in comparison to other platforms with comparable features.


  • More affordable than other tools of the same class for game development.

Leading studios and AAA game developers choose to use the game production suite Unity. Play mode in the Unity editor allows you to track the results of your iterations in real-time, speeding up workflow.

The flexible editor offers all the tools required for designing environments, characters, graphics, and gameplay that is of the highest caliber.


  • Free version offered if revenue and funding do not exceed $100,000 per annum.
  • Plus subscription is offered to hobbyists for $25 per month.
  • Pro subscription is available for studios and professionals at $125 per month.

Features: Fully supports cross-platform development. The active forum provides excellent technical support. A wealth of resources are available in the assets store for quick development.


  • The smartphone version costs more money.
  • The most recent C# features are not present in the Mono 2.6 runtime, which limits its compatibility with.NET.

Publishing Platform: With Unity, developers can publish to all major platforms that include TV, Console, Desktop, VR, and Mobile.

Verdict: Select if you want to create high-quality 3D games with the most user-friendly interface.

3) Autodesk (video game software)

Best For:

  • top choice and industry standard for AAA game modeling and animation.


  • You can download pre-written scripts or create your own using the MEL language.


  • Easy-to-use rendering is paired with realistic and potent rendering.

Autodesk offers a range of tools for producing the most exquisite graphics, lifelike environments, and 3D models. Unsurprisingly, Autodesk powers a lot of AAA blockbuster games.

With Maya, you can create the most realistic 3D models. The application’s Parallel Rig Evaluation feature allows for quick character rig changes and playback.

A toolbox with a comprehensive array of features for character generation, animation, and editing is offered. This adaptable platform is simple to customize and incorporate into the pipeline for creating video games.


  • Maya and 3DS MAX: Starting at $125 per month.
  • Maya LT: $30 per month
  • A free version is also available.

Features: Comprehensive list of features for rendering, animation, rigging, modeling exporting, and much more. extensive Autodesk support and a vibrant user base.


  • Due to their feature-richness, 3DS Max and Maya both have challenging learning curves.
  • Autodesk programs are not cross-platform. They work only on Windows.

Publishing Platform: Windows only

Verdict: Select these software suites for the most comprehensive tools that are used by leading game development studios for the biggest and best 3D games.

4) Stencyl (video game software)

Stencyl (video game software)
Stencyl (video game software)

Best For:

  • A cross-platform solution that enables coding-free publication of Mac, Windows, Flash, Android, and iOS games.


  • Advanced users can customize classes and extend the engine using Haxe scripting.


  • Games run extremely quickly on all platforms because they are exported to native code.

Without writing any code, Stencyl enables novice developers to create visually appealing and engaging 2D games. It offers toolkits that are user-friendly and comprehensive to speed up development and organize your workflow.

This tool takes care of all the technical elements so you can concentrate on designing and personalizing the game according to your ideas, which is what is most important.

The drag-and-drop method used by the well-known MIT Scratch project serves as the foundation for the game design strategy. Despite the fact that you can use a number of pre-made components, you can also write your own code, create unique classes, and import libraries.


  • Free for novices (just for Web publishing).


  • Independent developers pay $99 annually (web and desktop publishing only).


  • For studios (Desktop, Web, Android, and iOS publishing), the annual fee is $199.

Features: Tools that are comprehensive and easy to use that can speed up development. a design strategy that is based on the drag-and-drop idea used by the well-known MIT Scratch project. Tools used by scene designers to manage terrain, tiles, and characters include Flood fill, Grid-snapping, Zooming, and selection, among many others.

Cons Stencyl (video game software):

  • For Android, several features don’t perform well.
  • Suitable for small games only.

Publishing Platform: Stencyl can publish Flash, HTML5, Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iPad, and iPhone games.

Verdict: If you are interested in an open-source game development ecosystem that allows you to develop 2D games without any coding knowledge, then Stencyl is a good choice.

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