5 Best Adventure Game Software on Android

There are several gameplay loops that come to mind when thinking of the adventure game software genre, ranging from challenging point-and-click adventures to the best swashbuckling RPG apps. The genre, however, seems to be more about the spirit that gameplay creates than it is about certain types of gameplay, leading players on tense journeys through stunning open worlds that make use of the best Android gaming phones or spinning suspenseful tales of wonder and peril.

Some of Android’s most popular gaming apps, ranging from the pleasantly adorable to the horrifyingly awful, have been born from adventure game software trappings like suspense, intrigue, and charm, and that list is just growing. Here is a list of some of 95news.com favorite adventure game software that are currently available on the Play Store because AP loves a good adventure.

What is an adventure game?

Adventure game software typically feature narratively focused experiences that capitalize on the fascination of “What’s going to happen next?” by creating cliffhanger-style tension. As previously said, gameplay in this genre can be relatively loose, but it functions best when it supports these narrative-twisting components, such as through riddles that hint at the larger plot or explorable regions that reveal more about specific characters. They can also be more direct, leading players on explorations through picturesque settings to unearth the unknown. Although components of adventure game software might cross over into other genres, the fundamental idea of luring the player in with an intriguing plot remains.

Adventure game software – Thimbleweed Park

Adventure game software - Thimbleweed Park
Adventure game software – Thimbleweed Park

LucasArts was once highly known for producing excellent point-and-click adventures like Maniac Mansion. Two of the same people who worked on those classics also created Thimbleweed Park. Because it upholds the standards set by LucasArts, it is at the top of today’s roundup. It’s a brand-new game with gameplay reminiscent of vintage classics, an X-Files-inspired storyline, and a lighthearted tone. One of the best point-and-click adventures currently available, Thimbleweed Park is absolutely worth the $10 asking price and operates smoothly on Android.

Adventure game software – Sky: Children of the Light

On consoles, that game developer has had some success with games like Journey, Flower, and Flow. The firm created a free-to-play mobile game that rivals Journey in quality using these victories as inspiration. In fact, Sky: Children of the Light’s gameplay is very similar to Journey’s, offering a similar slick online experience where you may play with others and explore a strange area while piecing together the unfolding plot. Sky: Children of the Light is a game that provides events and constant updates, almost like a live service. Even while it sometimes seems pointless, half of the enjoyment is trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

Adventure game software – 80 Days

Adventure game software - 80 Days
Adventure game software – 80 Days

A legendary game called 80 Days made its Android debut in 2014. In this adventure game software, you take on the role of a wealthy world traveler’s assistant, therefore you will be responsible for making all the preparations to support your employer while they traverse the globe in 80 days. You are in charge of selecting the destinations and stores to go to. This suggests that it’s possible to travel around the world and not succeed on your first, third, or tenth attempt. But choosing the best options while observing how the action unfolds as you make each choice is half the fun. Despite its age, the game still plays well and is entertaining.

Adventure game software – Machinarium

Beautiful scenery and difficult puzzles might be found in Amanita Design’s quirky 2003 browser-based adventure game software Samorost. But in 2009, the developer of the brainteaser Machinarium actually found popularity by introducing important gameplay adjustments. Machinarium is still regarded as one of Amanita Design’s best games because to its outstanding art and challenging puzzles. It is without a doubt one of the best adventure game software available for Android, which is why it is on the list today. The best thing is that Amanita Design has other excellent, reasonably priced adventure game software that are comparable to Machinarium accessible on the Play Store if you’ve already played Machinarium.

Adventure game software – Layton: Curious Village in HD

In 2007, the Nintendo DS version of the Professor Layton series, a mystery-solving adventure game software series, was released. The first game is Professor Layton and the Curious Village, which was eventually made available in HD for mobile devices in 2018. All three games in this series have now been made available on Android, though it took some time.

Adventure game software - Layton: Curious Village in HD
Adventure game software – Layton: Curious Village in HD

Curious Village is the best place to start because it was the first game in the series. Do not forget that Level-5 is the same company that created the Yo-kai Watch and Ni no Kuni RPG series. Layton: Curious Village in HD does a terrific job of demonstrating this studio’s animation prowess.

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