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5 tips for beginners to play Game Starsand

by Megusta Trần

Starsand is an exciting survival game. It begins with the protagonist in the middle of the desert when he is hit by a sandstorm. This left him stranded in the middle of a vast sea of sand. That’s why he had to find a way to survive and get out of here.

As an open world format, Starsand allows players to have many options for how they progress. They will have to learn how to hunt, build and craft everything to get it done in one piece. However, if you are a new player, you will probably find this game a bit difficult. Therefore, to reduce the pressure on players, in this article Mega will tell you 5 tips for beginners with Starsand.

5 tips for beginners to play Game Starsand
5 tips for beginners to play Game Starsand

1. Don’t skip the tutorial

Don't skip the tutorial
Don’t skip the tutorial

Overall, the early game intro looks a bit boring, but it’s important for you to stay on top of what’s going on. On top of that, they can also learn basic mechanics and controls. There are many factors that lead to survival and different information they need to know in order to know when they are about to die.

Through the tutorial players will also learn how to craft and build things. One essential thing that players will learn to do is light a fire. They wouldn’t have made it through the first night without this life-saving technique. So, although the tutorial may seem like a waste of time, it will help players understand everything in Starsand better.

2. Understand how to save and do it often

Understand how to save and do it often
Understand how to save and do it often

Players can lose all their progress if they don’t know how to save or forget to save. Therefore, the player will proceed to create a bed or tent to use when in the oasis in the case of Save game.

Thanks to this, when the player dies in the desert, they will be resurrected at the last save point. This is why it is essential to save as often as possible. Because it will eliminate the problem of losing all of the player’s “plowing” effort if he accidentally dies.

3. Tame a camel as soon as possible

Tame a camel as soon as possible
Tame a camel as soon as possible

Walking through the desert will cause the main character to lose a lot of things. Because he is very sensitive to extreme heat and it will wear out the player’s stamina severely. But luckily you can tame a camel to be able to go through the dunes much easier and faster. Camels can also help players avoid some dangers like alien invasion and animal attack.

In addition, the player can also equip a saddle bag for his camel. This will help it to increase its carrying capacity. Note that players should carry spare axes and pickaxes in their saddlebags for events when the player needs them. Also, remember to feed your camel every time they are hungry because if you forget, the camel will run away with the valuables you put on it. Even so, it will simply go to the nearest oasis where it can be re-tamed and the player can recover their goods.

4. Instantly create sunscreen

Instantly create sunscreen
Instantly create sunscreen

When setting foot in this desert, one of the essential things that players need to do is create a layer of sunscreen for themselves. The player can make a straw hat instantly. To do this, you will first need some lanyards obtained from breaking palm leaves or yucca. The rope will then be used to build the hat. In general, it will have a great sun protection value so players should prioritize this as soon as possible.

The player can also use desert fruit to create a balm. Note that do not eat it because it will be poisonous. Moreover, the use of this desert aromatherapy oil will help combat when the main character suffers from excessive heat. At an oasis, the player can take the main character to the middle of the water to cool off. This will result in an immediate drop in temperature and can operate in a pinch when there is no other option to cool him down.

5. Gather at an oasis to hunt

Gather at the oasis to hunt
Gather at the oasis to hunt

Usually the animals will come to drink water at the oasis. Therefore, players can easily hunt them without having to cross the dangerous desert to find animals to hunt. Thanks to that, they could save their stamina while gathering the necessary supplies for crafting and food.

One of the important things that players need to keep in mind is that all animals that provide meat will produce a different amount of meat. This includes camel down frog. That’s why players can take advantage of this and hunt all kinds of animals for food

6. Summary

So, Mega has told you 5 tips for beginners with Starsand. Hopefully this article will be useful to give players a relaxing experience after stressful working and studying hours.

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