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A Musical Story Out Now on the Play Store

by Megusta Trần

We were pretty excited last month when we told you that folksy rhythm action game A Musical Story was coming to the Play Store in March. We’re even more excited now that it is March and A Musical Story has landed on the Play Store.

The game tells a story without words, leading you through the life of a young musician – called Gabriel – looking to make it big in the heady days of an alternate 60’s.

It’s all about memories and connections, and it’s going to pull your heartstrings in just the right ways. Here’s a trailer for you to enjoy with your various sense organs.

The game features 26 unique songs, it looks absolutely stunning and it’s unlike anything else on the Play Store. That’s always a good thing, in our big book of things that are good.

A Musical Story is a premium game and it’ll set you back $4.99. You can click here to download it from the Play Store right this very second.

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