Accompanying the 2022 World Cup, Google Doodle launches an online game on mobile devices

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Not only stopping at the welcome banner, Google Doodle also launched an online game that takes place by the hour with actual matches played in real life.

The opening ceremony of the most attractive football tournament in the world World Cup 2022 has officially taken place in the host country Qatar. To celebrate the first World Cup taking place in the Middle East, Google has hung an animated banner of 2 shoes passing the ball to each other to promote the atmosphere of this biggest football festival.

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In addition, Google also introduces users to a very special Doodle format. When users type the phrase “world cup qatar 2022” on mobile devices, they can participate in the experience of a video game that Google has dedicated to the 2022 World Cup tournament.

True to the actual schedule of the World Cup in real life, in this game created by Google, there will be a virtual match between those two teams. Gamers choose their own team and compete against other online fans in the field. All players need to do is score as many goals as possible into the opponent’s goal. When the final whistle blows in a real-life match, the game’s virtual match will also end and call out the winning team.

This exciting online game is one of many very attractive activities that game companies and publishers create to accompany fans of the 2022 World Cup tournament – a football event that is considered attractive. best on the planet.

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