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Another Tomorrow is the Latest Point-and-Clicker From Glitch Games

by Megusta Trần

Glitch Games has been making really rather good mobile point-and-clickers for a while now, and it’s just released a new one. It’s called Another Tomorrow, and you can grab it from the Play Store right this second.

Like a lot of the dev’s games, you find yourself waking up without any memories, and with nothing but a camera to help you figure things out. The game mixes dioramas and first-person puzzling, letting you zoom out and step-in to scenes to solve tricky puzzles.

There are definite shades of The Room series here, but there are plenty of other influences too, and Glitch Games always adds its own unique twist on things along the way.

You’ll be searching for clues and unlocking secrets as you go, all while you’re trying to find the answer to that most ancient of questions – just who in the heck are you?

Another Tomorrow is available from the Play Store right now, and you can download it by doing a little click on this link. It’s a premium title and there are no IAP, so you’re basically laughing, right?

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