Apex Legends Mobile Out Now Worldwide

It feels like only five days ago that we revealed that Apex Legends Mobile had a release date. Probably because it was. But those five days have passed and now the game is available to download from the Play Store. What a rollercoaster.

To celebrate the launch, Respawn has released a brand new trailer that shows off the game in action. And also introduces us to the brand new, mobile-exclusive legend, Fade.

The trailer is quite long, but it shows off the various modes in the game, talks through some of the characters old and new, and is pretty darn entertaining. So we’re going to embed it and let you watch it with your own eyes.

There’s a slight staggering to the launch, depending on where on the planet you are – you can check out the details right here. But we’re pretty sure all of those times have passed now, so you should just be able to head to the Play Store and pick it up.

In fact, you can do that by clicking right here. If you fancy some pocket-sized battle royale action with gorgeous graphics and all the trimmings, then today is a good day for you. We hope you enjoy it. We really do.

You can find out more about the game, the modes and all sorts of other things – including why it’s not being released in Belgium – by reading this here blog post.

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