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Ark Legends Is a Gorgeous Steampunk RPG, and You Can Pre-Register for it Right Now

by Megusta Trần

The Ark Legends pre-registration campaign is here, bringing us one step closer to playing Melting Games’s hotly anticipated steampunk RPG in the wild on iOS and Android. 

The campaign features five ambitious pre-registration milestones going all the way up to 1 million, with the first two milestones – 100,000 and 300,000 – having already been surpassed.

That means players are guaranteed at least 100,000 Gold and 100 Energy and 1 Rare Iron Core when Ark Legends launches. 

At 500,000 pre-registrations they’ll also get 10 Iron Core, at 700,000 they’ll get two Rare Iron Core and one Hero Summon Chest (A), and when the campaign finally reaches the million mark they’ll receive another seven Rare Iron Core. 

On top of these milestone rewards, you’ll earn a lucky draw when you sign up – and another one if you successfully encourage a friend to sign up. 

These lucky draws are for in-game items like Diamonds, Rare Iron Core, and Energy, and also real-life items like AirPods and Amazon vouchers. 

So pre-registering now could help you launch your Ark Legends career with a bulging treasury of in-game swag and some expensive tech to boot. 

Plus, you can get even more deeply involved – and earn even more free stuff – buy joining the Content Creator Program. Head here to apply. This scheme lets you speak to the devs, suggest game features, and earn in-game items and real-life swag. 

If you’ve been following the progress of Ark Legends, you’ll be aware that the game went into closed beta on December 1st. 

So what’s new? A ton of stuff, including daily signing missions for logging in every day, additional items and rewards for completing dungeons, and more story chapters to delve into, meaning there are now six in total. 

Plus, Melting Games has added a new Chance Up event, giving players a special summon to increase the summoning rate of certain heroes, and a Bingo event, allowing players to accumulate points and spend them on lucky draws. 

Ark Legends is shaping up to be an absolute titan of the gacha genre, with stunning presentation, deep strategy, and a growing list of features. 

Head to the official Ark Legends website to pre-register right now if you haven’t done it already. 

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