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Arknights Invitation To Wine celebrates 2.5 years of gacha

by Megusta Trần

The beloved gacha game Arknights is getting an all-new event. Dubbed Arknights Invitation to Wine, this latest event celebrates two-and-a-half years of the still-played gacha title. 

What is Arknights Invitation to Wine 

Essentially a sequel to the game’s prior Who Is Real storyline, Arknigjts Invitation to Wine is another side story event. But what is this new chapter about? 

In the storyline, you’ll follow Kroos’ journey to Shangshu City. Of course, the usual gacha hijinks are bound to occur. (Unless, like me, you skip the useless story stuff in these games.)

Alongside the new story chapters, four new operatives have joined the fight. These operatives are Ling, Lee, Blacknight, and — the main squeeze — Kroos the Keen Glint. But what are they? 

For starters,  Kroos is a 5-star Sniper, who prioritises aerial targets. After that comes Blacknight, a strong 5-star Vanguard who summons powerful allies to his side. But what about the six star operatives. 

For six-star pulls, you’ll be able to unlock Lee, a Specialist character. As a merchant, you’ll use consummation abilities to take out your foes. Furthermore, there’s Ling, a support character who uses summons to keep the edge in battle. 

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Free stuff! 

In order to keep the event useful for new players, the Arknights Invitation to Wine event will be handing out treasuries of benefits.  Our friends at hausarbeit schreiben lassen think that if you want to join the game, now is the time, because this is a good starting point.

A 15-day login event will hand out premium currency for an abundance of free pulls. Furthermore, finishing the event will give you an all-new furniture set for free. 

If you’re already into the game, this event also introduces new costumes for existing characters. This includes costumes for Mr. Nothing, FEater, and Dusk. 

If you have yet to try Arknights, now is as good a time as any to jump in. 

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