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Baba Is You mobile gets over 200 new levels in 1.03 update

by Megusta Trần

Beloved indie puzzler Baba Is You has been hailed as a must-play mind-bender. Over a year after its mobile release, developer Hempuli has added a host of new content to the game. 

Baba Is You gets new content

In a surprise new update to the mobile version of the game, Baba Is You now has over 200 new levels to enjoy. All available on other devices, these levels bring the game in parity with other releases. 

Included in the latest 1.03 update, you’ll find 150 new levels from the New Adventures level update. Furthermore, you’ll be able to experience 80 more levels in the Museum level pack. Finally, secret levels are now hidden in the main game. 

Intriguingly, the Museum level pack offers a wealth of other content as well. On top of the levels, you can also listen to new developer commentary. This is because the Museum pack adds cut and scrapped levels from early in development. They’re very interesting! 

Similar to Valve commentaries in games like Half-Life 2, you’ll be taught how and why things changed over time. If you want to have a look into game development, this is one of the best tools you can use. 

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Oh, there’s also a sale 

To commemorate the new update, there’s also a sale! This means that Baba Is You Mobile is currently available on the cheap! If you have yet to pick the game up, maybe now is the time! 

Right now, the game is available on the Google Play Store for £3.49 or your regional equivalent. Is that worth it? It absolutely is! In comparison, the console version is over £10. 

If you love puzzle games, and you have the spare change, absolutely pick this up. We doubt you’ll regret it. If you do: oh well. 

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