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Bilibili Gaming on the road to hegemony LOL LPL region

by Megusta Trần

In recent days, the world final has been paused after intense matches in the quarterfinals, the information about the transfer is being interested by League of Legends fans around the world.

The audience is looking forward to the big boys like EDG, TES, or RNG having strong preparations for the next season when the world finals are coming to an end and the performance is not good. Besides, an emerging representative of the world League of Legends village in China is attracting a lot of attention, Bilibili Gaming (BLG).

Since the beginning of the 2022 season, BLG is stepping up its preparations, specifically looking for an all-star squad in the LPL. And they want to become the top hegemonic team in the LPL. Their ambition is very feasible because of quality and methodical investments.

Zeka( Image: Internet)

Some names like Rookie and Doinb have been targeted by BLG, the other name is a young, potential factor to shine at the 2022 world final, DRX’s Zeka.

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