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Bouncy Frog Go Is Harder than it Sounds, Out Now on Android and iOS

by Megusta Trần

The Scorpion and the Frog is a famous animal fable about how frogs are nice and scorpions are jerks.

Bouncy Frog Go doesn’t have any scorpions in it, but make no mistake. This is a casual game with a serious sting in its tail. 

Developed by Abed Merhi, this polished puzzle-platformer sees you playing as a frog that has to navigate a procession of hazardous stages containing spikes, perilous drops, lasers, and countless other obstacles. 

The main mode is called Adventure, and it’s made up of 50 stages across four themed worlds: Laboratory, Forest, Desert, and Mountain. 

Naturally, the stages get harder as they go on, and by the time you reach the end of the game you’ll have had everything thrown at you, from ghosts to spikes to witches. You’ll even spend some time flying in a spaceship through open space, and on a skeleton over a haunted forest. 

Some stages are designed to test your reflexes, while others are all about using your noodle. Either way, they’re fiendishly difficult. Fortunately, the controls are straightforward. 

On the left of the screen you’ve got a virtual d-pad that lets you hop one square at a time in any direction. On the right there’s a jump button, which lets you traverse three squares. And there’s a tongue button, which opens crates, pulls you across ravines, and so on. 

Your goal in each stage, aside from getting to the end, is to collect stars. You get one gold star for completing a level, another for collecting all of the coins, and a third, red star for completing a stage within a time limit.

You can then spend these red stars on Crazy mode levels. 

Crazy mode, of course, is the other mode in Bouncy Frog Go. It’s made up of 20 ultra-tough stages with even more perils to avoid. 

We reckon it’ll be a good long while before you manage to finish every stage in both modes. Get started right now by downloading Bouncy Frog Go for free on Google Play or the App Store. 

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