Bulbs 2.0 is a Logic Puzzler Launching This Week for Android

If you’re looking for a new puzzler, and you don’t mind waiting a couple of days until you play it, then Bulbs 2.0 might well be the game you’ve been waiting for. Might not be, though.

The game involves changing the color of a bunch of different lightbulbs. You’ll merge together different hues, mixing shades to make new shades and scratching your head while you do it.

There are a good few layers of logical thought to work your way through if you want to succeed. And you’re probably going to want to succeed, because that’s just the kind of person you are. Here’s a trailer.

The game features 60 puzzles for free, and you can buy another 60 with an IAP, if that’s the sort of thing that you like to do. There’s a decent level of challenge here, and some bright ideas too.

Oh, hey, bright, like lightbulbs. The game is set to launch for Android on February 17th, so you’ve got two days to get yourself prepared for it, whatever that might look like.

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