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Casual Viking RPG Vikingard Available in Early Access in Certain Territories

by Megusta Trần

Casual vikings sound pretty cool. All laid back and swigging mead, bear-skin robes, saunas. We imagine that isn’t actually what Vikingard from Netease is about, though, which is a shame.

What isn’t a shame is that the game is now available in early access in the US and Brazil. It’s a mix of choose-your-own-adventure, settlement builder and RPG, and it’s got bears in it.

You’re also collecting warriors to beef up your defenses, wooing prospective partners and raising children. So there’s a lot going on. Here’s a trailer for you to peruse.

You can join alliances, go on voyages around the world and do a variety of different viking-y things. All while trying to make sure your people don’t starve or freeze to death.

If you live somewhere you can play Vikingard, you can click here to download the early access version from the Play Store. It’s free with IAP. We’ll let you know when the game launches worldwide.

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