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Chimeraland is a Massive Sandbox RPG With Some Weird Animals

by Megusta Trần

Chimeraland is one of those games that could be amazing, or could be awful. It’s an open world sandbox RPG with a staggeringly large map and plenty of interesting ideas, and it’s launching this week on Android.

How big is the map? How about 9 billion square feet. That’s a lot of square feets. It’s populated with bizarre monsters that you can befriend and tame or mash up in epic scraps.

There’s PvP as well, so you can whomp on other players if you want. And a massive swathe of character customization options. Time for a trailer, we-thinks.

It certainly looks like it’s got some chops, but it could equally be one of those games where the best way to win is to let the game take control of everything while you sit back and watch.

We’ll all be able to find out soon enough, because Chimeraland is set to release on the Play Store on January 6th. Pre-registration is already open and you can do that by clicking right here.

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