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Crossout Mobile Now Out, New Battle Pass Season Kicking Off

by Megusta Trần

At the end of January we told you that Crossout Mobile was gearing up to launch in a bunch more territories. And that has, indeed happened. The game is also kicking off a new battle pass season to celebrate that launch.

The game is set in post-apocalyptic wasteland and sees you taking part in vehicle-based battles to the death. You need to add new kit to your killer car to make the most out of things.

There’s a new seasonal pack that includes a new car – the Rakshasa. It has a special boring module that lets you do damage with hits, and has a Chameleon invisibility module and a special wheel-thrower called Fortune.

There are also special rewards waiting for players who pick up the game in this early phase of its life. In the battle pass you’ll get new kit for your car, as well as nail guns and lasers.

There’s a new Knives Out mode as well. Here you can only use melee weapons and you can bounce around using the in-game jump pads without restrictions.

If you’d like to give Crossout Mobile a go, you can click here to download it from the Play Store. It’s free with IAP.

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