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Crush the Castle: Legacy Collection Out Now on the Play Store

by Megusta Trần

Armor Games has just released a collection of all three Crush the Castle games on the Play Store, giving you a chance to experience all the destruction in one handy package for the first time.

The games have been around since 2009, and inspired the likes of Angry Birds with their catapult-based physics destruction. And now you can play them all in one place.

Included in the bundle are the original Crush the Castle, which set the tone for the whole series; Crush the Castle 2, which added a bunch of extra goodies and a zombie horde mode; and Crush the Castle Adventures, which has a story.

The collection also includes all the bonus content released during the lifetime of the series. So you’re getting more than 300 levels to play through, with reworked graphics and achievements thrown in for good measure.

If you fancy giving Crush the Castle: Legacy Collection a go, you can click here to download if from the Play Store. It’s free with IAP, and if you like throwing things at other things then you’re going to love it.

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