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Deck Building Fighter EndCycle VS Launching in April

by Megusta Trần

Developer 12B3 has announced that its super-interesting looking fighting game / deck-building mash up EndCycle VS is set to launch on Android in April. Which is something to get excited about.

The game blends together side-scrolling brawlers with card-collecting. There are shades of Slay the Spire here, but plenty of unique twists too. We like unique twists.

The game will have a single player story mode, a roguelite endless mode and plenty of PvP options too. There’ll be cross-platform fighting between PC and Android as well. Here’s a trailer.

The PC version of the game will have a Creative Center that allows players to build their own challenges – they’ll be downloadable and playable on Android as well.

There are 20 different fighters, and massive combinations of possibilities when it comes to building your deck. Oh, and it looks pretty darn gorgeous as well.

EndCycle VS is set to land on the Play Store on April 20th. When it does you’ll be able to download it by clicking right here. It’ll be free-to-try, with an IAP to unlock everything.

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