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Disney Mirrorverse Launch Date Revealed, Pre-Registration Open

by Megusta Trần

It’s been a pretty long time since we wrote anything about Disney Mirrorverse, the Kabam-developed ARPG that sees you using alternate version of Disney and Pixar characters to whomp monsters. But now we’ve got loads to write about.

In an online event, Kabam announced that not only does the game have a global launch date, a pre-registration campaign has also kicked off. That’s quite a lot of stuff.

The game is slated to come out later this year – June 23rd to be precise. Along with the announcements, we’ve got a new trailer to share with you. You can watch it with your eye peepers just below this here paragraph.

Looks… well, it looks like what it looks like. Who doesn’t want to play as a gritty, warrior Sully from Monsters Inc? Ahem. Anyway, as we also mentioned, pre-registration is also live.

The game will feature real-time combat that sees you directly controlling your brawlers. You’ll collect Disney and Pixar heroes, fight in a variety of challenges and quests and use special abilities to turn the tide of battle.

There are a bunch of rewards waiting depending on how many people sign-up, as well as a special in-game avatar that you’ll get just for adding some deets. You can do all that by clicking here.

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