DragonSpear-EX is an Interesting Looking Side-Scrolling RPG

DragonSpear-EX is, as the title of this article suggests, an interesting looking side-scrolling RPG. There’s hacking, slashing, shooting, gear and loads more. And best of all? It’s totally premium.

The game sees you picking one of six classes and fighting your way through a world filled with horrible monsters. You’ll gain gear as you do, strapping it one to become tougher and cooler.

There are also raids, where you and three friends can team up to kill things together. Shall we watch a trailer to see what the game looks like? Yeah, let’s do that.

There are pets to collect, thousands of items to unlock, and lots and lots of violence to unleash. You can be a Knight, Swordmaster, Fighter, Assassin, Gunner or a Wizard. Neat.

Dragonspear-EX is live on the Play Store right now and you can click here to download it. It’ll set you back $4.99 and there are no IAPs or ads. Wicked cool.

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