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Echoes of Mana Downloadable From the Play Store

by Megusta Trần

Not so long ago we were telling you all about how Echoes of Mana was up for pre-registration on the Play Store. Now time has passed, as time is wont to do, and you can full on just download the game onto your Android device. Craziness.

Just a heads-up, though. You can download the game, that’s for certain, but you can’t actually play it. Sorry. The servers don’t actually go live until tomorrow, so you’ll have to wait. Patience is a virtue after all.

There were loads of pre-registrations, which means there’s going to be loads of goodies waiting for anyone who downloads the game. Because of pre-registration rewards. Animated trailer? Animated trailer.

The game is a big free-to-play-a-thon that sees you building up a team of characters, fighting monsters in some interesting-looking battles and generally having a lovely old time. Y’know, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

You can click here to pre-download Echoes of Mana from the Play Store right this second. Like we said before, the servers are set to go live worldwide tomorrow.

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