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El Hijo – A Wild West Tale Out Now on the Play Store

by Megusta Trần

It wasn’t that long ago that we told you El Hijo – A Wild West Tale was coming to the Play Store. But now the game has landed, bringing with it an intriguing story and some non-violent stealth action.

The game sees you playing as a six year old boy who’s been separated from his mother. It’s up to you to use your toys to sneak past all manner of villains and get them back together.

There’s no shooting here. You’ll be sneaking through the shadows, occasionally firing off your slingshot and using a mix of other skills to make sure you remain hidden.

As well as all the sneaking, there are interesting environmental puzzles for you to figure out. Add an excellent story that drives everything on, and plenty of different locations and you’re onto a winner.

The game is premium, as well, and it’ll set you back $9.99. You can click here to download El Hijo – A Wild West Tale from the Play Store right this second.

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