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EndCycle VS, the Deck-Building Battler, Out Now on Android

by Megusta Trần

We told you that EndCycle VS was going to launch on Android in April all the way back in February. And now the game has launched on Android, so if you’re itching for some violent deck-building with a deep story, you’re in luck.

EndCycle VS features 20 different characters and more than 4000 possible move combinations. There are shades of Slay the Spire here, as well as the Mega Man Battle Network games and the likes of One Step From Eden too.

But the game puts its own spin on things, throwing you into a futuristic world that you need to fight your way through. It’s got roguelite elements, and multiplayer to boot. Trailer!

There’s plenty of scope for experimenting with your best builds, and the story deals with heavy themes like loss, personal history and more. Plus you get to whomp on robots.

You can click here to download EndCycle VS from the Play Store. It’s free to try, with a $4.99 IAP to unlock the rest of the game if you like what you see. And we think you may well like what you see.

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