Folksy Rhythm Game A Musical Tale Landing on Android Next Month

A Musical Story is, without a doubt, the most interesting looking rhythm game we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Part tap-to-the-beat-’em-up, part narrative-driven adventure about lost memories, the game is set to hit the Play Store next month.

It’s already garnered a lot of praise at game shows around the globe, thanks to its unique art style, amazing music and fresh take on the genre. It’s inspired by 70’s folk rock and psychedelia, and features 26 different songs to play through.

Did we say it looked amazing? We think we probably did, but if you didn’t believe us, be prepared to eat your words as you watch the launch date trailer we’ve embedded below.

The story is told without words, and you’ll be glimpsing the past of the main protagonist, Gabriel. Expect sadness, pathos, and more than one guitar. Maybe like four guitars.

A Musical Story is set to land on the Play Store at the start of next month. More specifically, it’s going to land on the Play Store on March 4th. We don’t have a price-point for the game yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

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