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Forza Street Shutting Down Later This Year

by Megusta Trần

Another one bites the dust. Less than two years after it first landed on the Play Store, underwhelming drag-racer Forza Street is shutting down for good this spring.

The game saw you engaging in tappy drag races, and in doing so basically failed to capture everything that made the home version of Forza so impressive.

Still, that sort of thing is sometimes successful on mobile. Not this time, though, even with the weight of the Forza brand behind it. Maybe even because of that.

The shutdown was announced with a post on the game’s Play Store page. You can read it in full below.

Forza Street Final Update
This update is the last one for Forza Street. The game will remain playable until Spring 2022. After its closure, the game and its features will no longer be accessible.

In-App Purchase Store Closure
The In-App Purchase Store is now closed. Real-money transactions can no longer be made.

Discount Prices
Remaining currency can be used in the In-Game Store as you please on discounted prices, until the game’s closure.

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