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Gloopy Platformer Slime Labs 2 has Oozed Onto Android

by Megusta Trần

Earlier this month we told you that Slime Labs 2 was heading to Android, but we weren’t sure when. We’re pretty sure now, since the game has just landed on the Play Store. So if you fancy some oozy, challenging platforming, you’re in luck.

The game comes from Neutronized, the dev behind the likes of the Super Cat Tales games and the recently released mini-metroidvania Mimelet. Too many M’s there. It sees you controlling a blob of slime and navigating some tricky obstacles.

You need to squish your slime down, engorge it by adding ever more goop, all while avoiding spikes and lasers and all manner of other obstacles that will pop you up good. Here’s a trailer.

Every stage has hidden data-disks that you need to collect to get a perfect score. Some are easy to find, others need you to think outside of the box – and even the screen.

Slime Labs 2 is available from the Play Store and you can click here to download it right this second. It’s free with ads, and a single IAP that gets rid of those ads and lets you put on cool sunglasses.

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dina 09/11/2022 - 4:25 am

god job


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