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Halo Infinite returns with the classic feature of this legendary game series

by Megusta Trần

The latest version of Halo has been packed with valuable updates to bring back the classic features of this game.
A new updated version of Halo Infinite was released recently, bringing with it the biggest feature updates to both the campaign and multiplayer since the game was released last year. In it, there are features that were expected by Halo gamers back in the day, such as Forge Beta (the feature of creating levels), Campaign Network Co-Op (playing online co-op campaign), Mission Replay (playing back missions). old service), unlock valuable rewards.

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In particular, the Forge Beta feature: Halo’s legendary creation tool is back and stronger than ever. This tool can help players create levels with the most in-depth and accessible tools. Forge Beta currently includes six maps, an intuitive new scripting engine, object scaling, object enhancement, and more.

This latest update also marks an important first step in enhancing the gaming experience in Halo Infinite with the Match XP Beta feature. Built on player feedback, Match XP will award experience points each time a match is completed, along with additional experience points based on performance (e.g. win/loss, endgame ranking. , etc.).

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In addition, features such as new maps, new game modes or co-op campaigns and replays of missions… are all valuable updates for Halo Infinite gamers in particular and those who were once. passionate about this legendary game in general. Halo used to be one of the monuments of the gaming world and Halo Infinite was also highly tested at the time of this game’s release.

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First appeared in 2001, the first game Halo: Combat Evolved has created a big buzz among gamers today thanks to its engaging gameplay and compelling storyline. After more than two decades of development, the Halo game model still retains its flame from the early days. The latest game part, Halo Infintite, has received a lot of praise from the professional community as well as the gaming community.

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