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How to find and complete witcher contracts in The Witcher 3

by Megusta Trần

In the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is known as a massive game with a large world to explore. It contains a lot of different quests and character stories. Besides the main quests, this game also has very interesting contract missions. Most of all, many of the missions in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will also have meaningful stories with choices that are not always obvious. That will help them better understand the plot of the game. If you are interested in this topic, the following article Mega will guide you on how to find and complete the witch contract in The Witcher 3.

1. How to find contract quests in The Witcher 3

Contract quests in The Witcher 3 are usually obtained by reading bulletin boards in most villages, towns, and cities in the game’s world. Usually there will be a lot of work for Geralt to take on. To be able to complete the monster contract in The Witcher 3 game, players need to follow these steps:

  • First it is necessary to collect the jobs from the bulletin boards in the village.
  • Next, press the menu button to access Geralt’s Quests page.
  • Scroll down to the Contracts section.
  • The player then needs to select the desired contract to make it the main tracked quest.
  • Make sure that Geralt is not demoted when taking on a new job.
  • Jobs that will have a recommended level for Geralt before accepting the quest.
  • Complete all the tasks required in the contract to complete it.

In general there will be many optional contracts and jobs of the game to be found by talking to NPCs in The Witcher 3. As a result, players will have a lot to choose from and even when the game starts on The Witcher 3’s first White Orchid map, will have around 26 contracts to find.

How to find contract quests in The Witcher 3
How to find contract quests in The Witcher 3

2. Should Geralt haggle?

If you are familiar with The Witcher 3 game, you will also know that accepting a contract in this game will often require Geralt to go to a leader, a village elder or someone in a role. leadership. And any player knows that Witchers will not have free activities. Therefore, for Geralt, completing the contract is the best way for players to make money in the game.

Every time he starts to let Geralt accept a contract, he will have the opportunity to bargain with the person offering the contract, thereby helping him earn a greater reward. Even so, Geralt runs the risk of angering the person who wants to hire him. Because their nasty bar can prevent Geralt from getting a better payout. In general, it is better to bargain with the rich or the army rather than poor villagers who are struggling to survive. It’s a useful tip that you should keep in mind before haggling

3. How to haggle

Geralt can bargain with contractors and earn more money for jobs. However, bargaining is not always successful and above all, the negotiator can disrupt the transaction. Therefore, considering the demand if the contractor in The Witcher 3 did not have the money, they would refuse to pay Geralt any amount higher than the initial offer. There will also be many negotiations that can fail randomly but if Geralt keeps the bargain/discomfort level around 50-60%, he will have the best bargaining chance. Moreover, players should also keep the bonus level at 300 crowns before Geralt reaches level 18, that will be safer than ever.

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