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How to make a Feather Cloak in Valheim Mistlands

by Megusta Trần

One of the things that stands out about Valheim’s Mislands update is its dramatic peaks and valleys. While other regions will have their own unique geography and atmosphere, even the mountain biomes can’t match the dramatic look of the Mistlands. Besides, there are many challenges in Mistlands for you to explore, but many of the biggest limitations here are the thick fog that obscures the view here. Thankfully, the game developers anticipated this, so they added items to make the gameplay easier. One of the most essential is the Feather Cloak. This is an item that can make climbing easier for players. If you are interested in making capes, the following article Mega will guide How to make Feather Cloaks in Valheim.

1. How to Make a Feather Cloak in Valheim

To be able to craft a feather cloak you need the recipe for 10 Feathers, 5 Scale Hides and 20 Refined Eitr and can only be crafted at the new Galdr Table in Valheim. For the first component, it won’t be too difficult to find because players can collect items from birds and randomly in chests.

The first ingredient is one of the easier to find and can be collected as a bird drop and randomly in a chest. As for Scale Hides, it is an item dropped from the Hare and was added through the Mislands update – The Misty Land of the game. These animals can be found throughout the Mistlands biome.

How to Make a Feather Cloak in Valheim
How to Make a Feather Cloak in Valheim

The last ingredient is Refined Eitr and this is also the hardest to find of the 3 ingredients to create the cloak. The player can find it through placing sap and soft tissue in the Eitr refinery, an item that costs 20 Black Marble, 5 Black Metal, 10 Yggdrasil Wood, 5 Black Core, and 3 Resin. to create. With sap can be extracted from the roots of Yggdrasil, while Soft Tissue is most commonly found in the skulls of Ancient Ruins in the new Mistlands biome.

2. How to use a feather cape?

Once the player has finished crafting the feather cloak, you can equip it like other Valheim cloaks and armor shards. At the base level, the Fur Cloak weighs 4 units, adds 1 armor, and is frost resistant. What makes this fur coat more valuable than ever is its Feather Fall. Because this limits the player’s fall speed to 5 m/s and completely eliminates fall damage.

Overall, thanks to that, it becomes more unique and important for players exploring the Mislands. Moreover, this biome is also considered the most difficult for Valheim so far.

3. Summary

Thus, Mega has answered for you all the information about How to make and use feather cloaks in Valheim. Hopefully this article will be useful to give players relaxing moments at the table with friends and relatives after stressful working and studying hours.

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