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Instructions on how to make Dead Raiser in Valheim

by admin

Valheim’s Mislands update has brought two different forms of magic for players to experience: Elemental Magic and Blood Magic. Both will be an adjustment for players who have relied on ranged and melee weapons but add exciting new elements to the game. One of Blood Magic’s more interesting options is the Dead Raiser, which is an item that can be used to summon protective skeletons.

However, similar to things in Valheim, using Dead Raiser will also cost the player a certain amount of money. And if you are interested in this weapon and want to learn how to make it, the following article Mega will guide you on how to make Dead Raiser in Valheim.

How to craft Dead Raiser in Valheim
How to craft Dead Raiser in ValheimI. Làm thế nào để chế tạo Dead Raiser ở Valheim

1. How to craft Dead Raiser in Valheim?

For Dead Raiser, it will require 20 Yggdrasil Logs, 10 Bone Shards, 15 Refined Eitr and 1 Rancid Remains Trophy. Once you’ve accumulated enough items, you can bring these materials to Valheim’s new Galdr table where the player can craft a basic version of Dead Raiser. It will take the form of a glowing skull and act as a two-handed weapon with a block armor of 48 and a block buff multiplier of 1.5.

In general these components will be concentrated around the Mistlands and Black Forest. For wood Yggdrasil can be harvested with the Black Metal Ax used against Yggdrasil Shoots that grow in the old area. Refined Eitr is the product of placing Resin and Soft Tissue in the Eitr Refinery. As for Bone Shards, they will be dropped by Skeletons commonly found in the Black Forest. The final item is the Rancid Remains Trophy which will occasionally drop from the Remains of Remains, the green skeletons most commonly found in the Burial Chamber in the Black Forest.

2. How to use Dead Raiser in Valheim?

Dead Raiser is activated by left clicking and will momentarily summon a skeleton companion. And this the player will have to pay with both health and Eitr is the type of magical resource brought through the Mistlands update. With an immediate cost of 100 Eitr and 40% health, a Skeleton will spawn from the ground nearby and protect the player from any nearby creatures. The power of this summon is determined by the player’s Blood Magic skill level and it’s important to note that these skeletons will not follow a portal.

On top of that, the player can also increase the number of skeletons they can summon more in case if they upgrade Dead Raiser at Galdr Table but need 10 Yggdrasil Logs, 4 Bone Shards and 2 Refined Eitrs to do so. One of the better strategies for using this device is the Scepter of Protection as it can encase both the skeleton and the player in a shield. This will provide the player and its skeletons with adequate protection for a short period of time and better prepare them for the challenges in the new Mistlands biome.

3. Summary

Thus, 95news has answered you all the information about how to make Dead Raiser in Valheim. Hopefully this article will be useful to give players relaxing moments with friends and relatives after stressful working and studying hours.

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