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Marvel Contest of Champions Celebrates Pride Month and Adds Two New Characters

by Megusta Trần

Marvel Contest of Champions has revealed that it’s adding two new characters to its increasingly enormous roster. They’re Wiccan and Hulkling, and you can find out more about them below.

The game is also celebrating pride month with some new artwork that shows of a selection of Marvel’s LGBTQ+ heroes. You can check it out at the top of the article. It also teases Valkyrie, a new character who’ll be dropping for the game in the not-too-distant future.

Wiccan is a Mystic class character that can fire lightning. He’s the reincarnated son of the Scarlet Witch. His partner Hulkling is a Cosmic class character who’s a member of the Skrull royal family and has a sword and wings.

Here’s a trailer that shows off the pair in action.

Elsewhere in the update there’s new Legacies story content that’s all about Wiccan’s search for a kidnapped Hulkling. There’s some stuff going on with America Chavez to celebrate the launch of the Ms. Marvel TV series on Disney+ as well.

You can get all the info you need about the latest update to Marvel Contest of Champions by reading the blogpost linked to in this sentence. And if you’d like to pick up the game from the Play Store, you can do that by clicking here.

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