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Microsoft suddenly brought the legendary game back to the Teams online meeting application

by Megusta Trần

Microsoft Teams – online meeting service software for companies developed by  Microsoft  and is part of Microsoft 365. Used a lot in the past time, until now the publisher continues to improve and perfect its products. me. Recently, Microsoft said that the supermarket has integrated more entertainment games, making meetings less stressful.

Accordingly, two familiar games with the first generation 8x, 9x, Minesweeper (mine detector) and Solitaire (card sorting) will return in the Teams online meeting application. Both games are familiar products of Microsoft, launched in 1990. In which, Solitaire is a “variant” of the card game from the 1800s, the game helps users get used to Windows and learn to use the mouse. , but in the end it became the most popular game on the operating system.

Besides, IceBreakers is a new game created by Microsoft to help all people in the meeting get to know each other. A Microsoft spokesperson said it was one of the most popular games during the testing period.

In the new release, Microsoft also offers a mobile game called Wordament. The Boggle-like game that came out in 2011, asking players to detect words in a combination of letters, has achieved one million downloads on Android.

With the addition of Minesweeper, Solitaire, Wordament, and IceBreakers in the game app for Teams, Microsoft shows how it’s finding ways to connect employees as they can get together for fun in online meetings. This unit also shows its efforts in bringing Teams online meeting service to the top choice of companies.

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