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Netflix has Launched Two New Mobile Games for Subscribers

by Megusta Trần

And here’s the thing – they don’t look too shabby. While the catalog of games Netflix has released on its new service thus far has been a little underwhelming, these two appear to be bucking that trend. A bit, at least.

We figured the easiest way to share this information with you would be in a brief list. So here goes – you can click on the names of the games below to download them and give them a go.

Krispee Street

This one’s based on a webcomic, and promises to be an emotional take on Where’s Waldo. You’re searching for hidden objects and characters in big, bright, colorful images. It looks alright if you’re into that sort of thing, and we imagine fans of the webcomic will enjoy it.

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan

This is definitely the most interesting looking game that Netflix have launched to date. It’s a turn-based, card-collecting roguelike with more than a spattering of strategy thrown in.

There’s deck-building, there’s an open world, there’s loot, there’s lion knights. And there’s probably more depth than all the other Netflix games put together.

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Ademu 22/01/2023 - 7:39 am

This on inevitable I like it so much


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