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Netflix mobile games are only played by 1% of subscribers

by Megusta Trần

Netflix’s recent foray into the world of mobile gaming is bringing some amazing games to Android. From Into the Breach to the upcoming Twelve Minutes, Netflix mobile games are incredible experiences. However, no one is playing them. 

How many people play Netflix mobile games? 

With a massive subscriber base of 221 million, Netflix Gaming should be a huge success. However, possibly due to poor marketing,barely any users are interacting with the service. 

Via CNBC, just 1.7 million of Netflix’s subscribers are using its games daily. Furthermore, total game downloads have only reached 23.3 million across Android and iOS. 

CNBC’s figures may not be completely accurate, but they seem close. Netflix itself will not disclose player numbers, but app tracking services like Apptopia do. This service is how the outlet acquired app download numbers. 

While many could see low Netflix mobile games players as a failure, the company currently does not. In fact, Netflix is investing heavily into its gaming services to be the mobile game equivalent of services like Xbox Game Pass. 

Netflix Gaming will be bigger than ever 

Even with its low engagement, Netflix Gaming is set to continue. With exponential growth planned for the service, more Netflix mobile games will be releasing in the future. 

By the end of the year, Netflix Gaming is set to be more than double it is right now. Currently, we can play 24 games on the subscription service. When 2022 ends, 50 games will be playable with a Netflix subscription. 

The company has explained that it’s currently in a state of experimentation. While huge titles like Into the Breach may be the focus more, they may not be in the future. It all depends on what’s most popular.  

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