Overpriced, Overwatch 2 skins receive complaints about the in-game store system

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About a month after the launch, Overwatch 2 gave in as if it had not yet passed the initial competitive stage.. From the arising server issues, extremely long queues on the first day of release to the errors of many characters, or worrisomely, the ranking system made Overwatch 2 regular receive endless arguments. Even recently, even the contact system in Overwatch 2 caused Blizzard to be complained by players a lot.

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If in the past, owners of the original Overwatch version, gamers were too used to receiving  items and personalities through the famous Loot Box system, now, the publisher Blizzard  has changed the whole thing. items in Overwatch 2. Even with costumes, the price range is up to $ 20.

The price expensive is one thing, Blizzard’s store system recently continues to appear more awkward situations. Specifically, Blizzard has a self-recommendation feature  specialized items for each player, thanks to the AI ​​system that learns data through parameters, matches, thereby synthesizing to make  recommended items. which AI thinks will be suitable for gamers. But unfortunately, there are many opinions that this AI system is extremely silly. Accordingly, many people play in the support position, but are often recommended to buy the costumes of characters with other roles. This has caused a lot of controversy during the past time.

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Blizzard itself has not given any explanation for the above questions from gamers. In the immediate future, Overwatch 2 will have a game-balanced update on November 15, and a lot of people are expecting that Blizzard will make moves to improve the features in its contact, and on Finally,  bring the price of some costumes back to a more logical figure, instead of $ 20 like  at present.

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