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Phobies is a Turn-Based Card Game, Launching Soon on Android

by Megusta Trần

Phobies on its own looks like it could be pretty interesting. But when you consider that it’s built by a team that worked on the original Company of Heroes, it starts to look even more promising.

The game is set in the human psyche and sees you creating a deck of phobia-based cards to battle it out against your foes. There are 120 different cards to collect along the way.

Battles involve controlling specific points on the hex-based map and using them to attack your enemy. Here’s a trailer for you to watch while we think about what we’re going to say in paragraph four.

There’s single player here, as well as asynchronous multiplayer. Arena Mode throws in some real-time mayhem, and there are puzzle-style challenges to take on as well.

The game is launching on PC too, and it’s going to have cross-platform capabilities. So you can fight wherever and whenever you fancy. Just like in real life.

Phobies certainly looks like it might be half decent. It’s already up for pre-registration on the Play Store, and you can do that by clicking right here. We’ll let you know when we’ve got a solid release date for this one.

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