Recently, Honor of Kings: World has revealed a lot of interesting information.

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Tencent and the team that made the game TiMi introduced an open-world RPG project called Honor of Kings: World last year. This is a game based on Tencent’s super successful MOBA game Glory King (original game of  Lien Quan Mobile). Honor of Kings: World will compete directly with other open-world titles like Genshin Impact or Tower of Fantasy.

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Recently, Honor of Kings: World has released a new trailer for gamers to see more specifically about this game. The trailer shows off the various areas in Honor of Kings: World’s open world that humans can explore, including the underwater world.

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The fighting feature is also introduced more specifically with various  accessories and items from classic to modern. In addition, Honor of Kings: World also released an official statement about the game: ” Gamers will need to master a series of skills to be able to drift across the vast continents of Honor of Kings: World. The journey in Honor of Kings: World will conquer gamers from the graphics system to the gameplay. Experience the magic, meet colorful characters and leave your mark on the ruins that seemed long gone.”

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The King of Glory is the most successful game brand of Tencent and TiMi Studio. This is the highest-grossing MOBA game on mobile platforms of all time with $13 billion. The Glory of Kings franchise has now expanded to other genres including open-world RPGs (Honor of Kings: World) or even popular online role-playing games (MMORPGs).

Tencent also said that Honor of Kings: World will be released cross-platform, which will most likely be both PC and mobile (Mobile). This is also a logical step for Honor of Kings: World to have Genshin Impact when this game is officially released.

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