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Residual From Orange Pixel is Coming to Mobile

by Megusta Trần

In September last year Orange Pixel, the one-man dev behind the likes of Heroes of Loot and Gun Slugs, released an ambitious survival game called Residual on PC and Nintendo Switch. And now, it’s headed to mobile.

The game sees you crash-landing on a procedurally-generated planet and doing your best not to die. Interestingly though, there’s no combat. There are plenty of other ways to die, though.

You need to explore the ruins of ancient civilizations, discovering technology you can use to get back home. You’ll also have to figure out what happened to the alien inhabitants. Well, technically you’ll be the alien. Here’s a trailer.

There’s a lot to do, and every time you start a new expedition, things are going to be different. Which is pretty cool. And there’s platforming to do as well. Platforming is pretty cool.

We don’t know exactly when Residual is going to land on the Play Store, but we’ll let you know as and when we hear anything more. It looks like it could definitely be your new survival addiction when it does, though.

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