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Retro Beat-‘Em-Up Robo Army ACA NeoGeo Out Now for Android

by Megusta Trần

This week’s new ACA NeoGeo release is Robo Army. It’s a side-scrolling beat-’em-up that sees you punching the bolts out of a bunch of robots. And throwing cars and barrels at them. Because that’s what everyone did in the 90’s. Seriously.

As you fight you’ll find pick-ups and power-ups that you can use to take down those scummy robots. There are definite shades of the likes of Streets of Rage here. It looks pretty neat, though.

And obviously it’s going to have all the usual tweaks and pokes that we’ve come to expect from the ACA NeoGeo games. Hey, we’ve got a trailer for this one as well – albeit from the console version. But you’ll get the idea from it.

See? Punching. Throwing things. Getting hit by motorbikes. The game has pretty much everything you want. So long as those are the things you want. And we imagine they are.

ANYWAY. Robo Army ACA NeoGeo is out now on the Play Store. It’s a premium release and it’ll set you back $3.99. If you’d like to play it, then just smash a click here. Smash it!

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