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Rocket Bot Royale Hitting the Play Store This Thursday

by Megusta Trần

Winterpixel Games, a dev formed by a couple of Noodlecake veterans, has announced that its first game is set to land on the Play Store this Thursday. Which we guess is tomorrow, right?

The game is called Rocket Bot Royale and it blends together ideas from Worms, gravity platformers, io games and battle royale to make something that looks particularly bonkers and brilliant.

You’re in control of a tank, driving around a bunch of islands that are falling from the sky. You can jump between them, blow them up and blast your foes with a mixture of high-powered weaponry. Here’s a trailer.

Looks pretty good, right? You can upgrade your tank as you fight, adding more and more powerful weapons and perks to make it easier to blow up pretty much anything you can see.

If you can’t wait 24 hours to get your hands on the Android version of the game, you can click here to try out the open beta browser version instead. Or you can be patient. It’s entirely up to you.

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