Save on all the Premium Professor Layton Games Right Now

Today is a good day if you like saving a bit of money and playing twee, super successful puzzle-adventures that mostly feature a man in a top hat. Because all the premium Professor Layton games are currently on sale on the Play Store.

If you haven’t heard of the games yet, they’re hugely popular mysteries that see you solving puzzles to get to the bottom of some tricksy mysteries. There’s a good deal of head-scratching, but the good kind of head-scratching.

They work really well on touch screen, since they mostly started out life on the Nintendo DS, with its adorable stylus and flippy foldy design. Here’s a trailer for the first game in the series to give you some idea what to expect.

So, yeah, souped up, polished and preened, and delivered directly to your Android phone or tablet. Neat. We’ve put the games in a handy list form below, so you can click to download them to your heart’s content.

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