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SkillGaming Is a Play-to-Earn Minigame Compendium with a $200,000+ Prize Pool

by Megusta Trần

SkillGaming is much cuddlier than it sounds. This innovative new app is basically a vast collection of fun, nicely presented minigames, like a free-to-play take on Warioware that you can play on your smartphone. 

Among the minigames on offer are Chicken Rush, an arcade shooter with a stomping soundtrack, Baby Boomer, an infuriating isometric action game, and Monsta’s Cake Run, an impression 3D auto-runner starring the abominable snowman. 

There are over a hundred games in the collection, and more are being added every week, some developed in-house and others by SkillGaming’s partners. 

A few of these games are available as separate releases, and the rest of them could be. The quality of the minigames in SkillGaming is outstanding, which explains why the app has already attracted more than 34,000 users, who have collectively played for well over 3 million hours.

You can play SkillGaming single-player, racking up XP for bragging rights, or you can go multiplayer for a chance to win real money. 

There are a few different play-to-earn modes. Challenge lets you play against the AI to reach set scores, Duel sees you and an opponent putting money down and playing for the pot, and War involves participating in a huge contest spanning 24 hours. If you can emerge victorious, you’ll walk away with an impressive 80% of the prize pool. 

On top of all that, SkillGaming also features a unique Armoury system. This allows you to spend money on attacking your opponents or bolstering your defences. Options on offer include a radar, a cloaking device, and the ability to see an opponent’s Warscore – a vital bit of intel that lets you know whether it’s worth attacking or running away.

It costs as little as $1 to play for money in SkillGaming, while the minimum deposit is just $5. The prize pot, meanwhile, is over $200,000. We like those odds. Especially as it’s all backed up by a $2 Million dollar liquidity pool.

You can play SkillGaming for free on the Google Play Store and online. 

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