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Stained Glass Puzzle Game Mosaic Chronicles Mobile Launch Date Revealed

by Megusta Trần

Mosaic Chronicles is a puzzle game that mixes together jigsaws and story-telling. It’s inspired by the work of Olga Gromyko, and it’s coming to the Play Store next week.

The game sees you building gorgeous stained-glass mosaics, picking up the pieces, rotating them and then putting them in the right place. Every mosaic you finish moves the story along.

There are different difficulty settings and more than a dozen mosaics for you to complete. Here’s a trailer that shows off some gameplay and just how lovely Mosaic Chronicles looks.

Once you’ve completed all of the puzzles, you can read the full story in a gallery-style storybook. The mobile version contains a single story – A Bit of Horoscoping. A second – The Lucky Knot – will arrive at a later date.

Mosaic Chronicles is set to land on the Play Store on March 10th – which is next Thursday. It’ll be free to play, with a single IAP to get rid of adverts. This one definitely looks like it’ll be worth checking out.

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