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Steins;Gate Mobile gets English support on Android six years after iOS

by Megusta Trần

An Android version of Steins;Gate Mobile is finally arriving to the Google Play Store. After years of Android gamers being left out of an official English translation, a new version has finally been released. 

Steins;Gate Mobile gets English support on Android 

Via Kiri Kiri Vasara, the Android version of Steine;Gate has been updated to give English players a proper experience. Instead of having to play through Japanese text, you’ll be able to understand the story! 

Despite being released way back in 2016, the Android port has received a massive update. Alongside the new translation addition, there are also a suite of bug fixes. 

There isn’t much information on what exactly has been done to fix up the game. For example, we still don’t know if the game has been updated to take advantage of more modern phone resolutions and tablets. 

Steins;Gate Mobile is now a fantastic way to play the visual novel on Android. As one of the best games in the genre, it’s an unmissable adventure for VN fans. We’d say: give it a shot. 

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Behind iOS 

The fact that we’ve had to wait over five years to get English support for Steins;Gate mobile is, frankly, horrendous. In comparison, the iOS version of the game has had English support for years. 

In modern years, it’s become less common for such massive differences between Android and iOS. However, there are often still releases that massively prioritise Apple’s ecosystem. 

While it is nice to see games like Steins;Gate finally getting updates, it’s still upsetting to be so far behind. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll be able to keep parity with iOS. 

If you want to give the newly updated version of this game a go, follow this link. Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments below. 

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