Text-Based MMORPG World War 4 – Endgames Is Giving Away Cash Prizes this Season

After World War 3 comes World War 4. That’s the starting point in Asterisk Technology’s World War 3 – Endgames.

Released last autumn, World War 4 – Endgames is putting an incredible offer on the table: if you can become one of the ten strongest players by the end of the current season you’ll win a real cash prize. And we have codes for everyone to grab free gold on top of that (see further details of this below).

For the uninitiated, World War 4 – Endgames is an innovative text-based MMORPG set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of 2030. Nuclear war has struck, bringing humanity to its knees, and the surviving population has coalesced into eight distinct superpowers. 

They include the USA, the UK, Russia, India, Australia, and two brand new geopolitical alliances, called United Middle East and United Europe.

You start by choosing a superpower and setting out to create a one world government, from your humble beginnings as an anonymous citizen. 

There are several different paths to glory. First up, you can choose your profession, from Army, Worker, Politician, and Businessperson. 

Then, depending on your character archetype, you might spend your time trading, manufacturing goods like flour, soy protein, and bazookas, or producing raw materials like iron, soy, and wheat.  

There’s a ton of products in the game. You can check them all out with this handy list. These can be bought, sold, traded, and you can also obtain goods at auction and trade in stocks. Plus, there are daily tasks to complete and milestones to meet. Life is busy in the wasteland.

Make no mistake,  Asterisk Technology have created an almost dizzyingly comprehensive world. There’s a complete user created virtual economy for example, with over 25 products such as Wheat, Pistols, and Ammo. In addition there are 8 different currencies across a fully featured monetary market, and nuclear plants where Presidents can create Uranium for a range of purposes.

Naturally, you’ll also need to be a dab hand at warfare, which means building and using nukes, giving battle orders, and rising through the military ranks. But ultimate power means also winning Party and Presidential elections. 

If you’re unable to survive the Doomsday and lose all your states to the attack in the final survival judgment day then the whole server will be reset too – and you’ll only be able to keep a hold of your purchased characters and purchased keys. So make sure you take advantage of the special code below.

The Doomsday Thrill mode turns the game into a survival war RPG too, where you’ll need to survive attacks from unknown sources for 7 days to win.

To get started, download World War 4 – Endgames for free on the Google Play Store. 

If you’re a newcomer, you’ve got a lot of skilful human opposition to overcome, so Asterisk Technology has provided an exclusive in-game promo code to get you off on the right foot. Simply enter DROIDGAMERS to claim 50 Gold. 

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