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The dispute between League of Legends and Mobile Legends is still tense

by Megusta Trần

Riot is at the forefront of the League of Legends copyright dispute with Mobile Legends

image: internet

Earlier this year, the developers of  League of Legends Riot Games announced that they would file an anti-piracy petition for the title of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This game was originally made by Moonton. However, at the present time, this incident has taken place in a direction that is not really favorable for Riot as well as League of Legends.

Specifically, Riot applied in May 2022 and was denied on the grounds that both sides were forced to resolve their dispute in a more preferred place. According to the American judge overseeing this case, “between the two corporations should be settled in China.

This is explained by Riot Games, although with headquarters in Los Angeles, this company is still under the management of Tencent. Meanwhile, Moonton is a game maker in China. Moonton’s side argued that in order to resolve the dispute between these two companies, it would at least need a “trial” at another location. Riot opposed this proposal, but it was still rejected by the US court.

Riot and Moonton have been involved in legal disputes promoting League of Legends and Mobile Legends for a very long time. In 2017, Riot tried to sue Moonton. Therefore, Mobile Legends was temporarily removed from the app stores at that time. After that point, with a few tweaks, the game was changed to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In the end, all of Riot’s efforts are now being rejected, at least in this day of 2022.

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