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The secret guide to leveling up quickly in Final Fantasy XI for beginners

by admin

If you are a beginner to playing the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, please follow the quick upgrade guide in the article below.

Final Fantasy XI is one of the best MMORPGs that came out right in the 2000s and was a huge success, as well as one of the most popular entries in the game. Fans of this game have recently continuously bought the game to try and experience its level of appeal. However, as soon as you log into the game for the first time, you will quickly feel very difficult because you do not know what to do and how to properly level up.

It will take you months just to complete the main storyline and then it is extremely easy to quit the game. Therefore, the best way for you to participate in the full content of that game is to always level up and complete new content quickly. That’s why you have to have a clear path to be able to level up great and know the quick leveling tips to get to level 99 in just a few weeks. Here are the cheapest ways that you should refer to for newbies.

1. Use the Field Guide to complete personal training

When leveling up, new players should usually only jump into the monster camps outside the city to start their leveling. This strategy is very good to use in the beginning because it can help you advance from 5-10 levels in just 1 day so that you will quickly unlock more content. To increase the amount of experience points received on enemies, not to mention, you must take advantage of the beginner guide missions scattered around the Vana’diel area.

2. Complete ROE quests to get more Sparks and experience rings

Completing the Eminence Profile quests will award the player both experience points and Sparks. Queen’s Ring will be the most desirable item for players who must earn a lot of money to upgrade equipment, bring 7 times to use and each time will increase you by 50% experience points and take 12 hours to complete. return. This is extremely low so you can level up quickly in the beginning.

3. Complete Level Up Quests

Usually you will be limited to the quest level if you do not have the minimum level to participate. That’s why you need to complete level-up tasks to unlock higher levels for your character. These missions are often quite challenging and long, so they need to be completed by self-equipment. Try to pass because you will be able to unlock levels from 50 to 60 and also at higher levels to participate in the captivating content of the game.

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