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This Is The President Launching on Android Next Week

by Megusta Trần

HandyGames has revealed that the port of political simulator This Is The President is set to land on the Play Store next week. So if you want to take a crack at side-stepping democracy to cover up all the terrible things you’ve done, you’re in luck.

The game sees you trying to change the US constitution to guarantee lifetime immunity for all presidents. You need to cajole, bribe, blackmail and get up to all sorts of nefarious doings to get your way.

It’s like a cross between a management sim, a point-and-click adventure and a visual novel. With some other bits and bobs thrown in for good measure to keep you on your toes. Here’s a trailer.

You can hire assassins, hackers and lobbyists to help you in your cause, and there’s plenty of juggling to do – metaphorically – to make sure the conspiracy doesn’t come crashing down around you.

The game is slated to land on the Play Store on May 10th, which is pretty much exactly a week from now. We’ve not got a price point for the game, but with HandyGames’ track record, we imagine it’s going to be a premium release.

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