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Tower of Fantasy cheaters are already destroying the game

by Megusta Trần

Gotta Studio’s Tower of Fantasy is one of the most popular mobile games around right now. However, a horde of Tower of Fantasy cheaters are already running rampant in the online game. 

Why are there so many Tower of Fantasy cheaters? 

As it turns out, hacking in Tower of Fantasy is incredibly easy. Unlike most modern MMOs these days, Hotta Studio’s Genshin clone is able to be easily modded with Cheat Engine. This means that anyone playing on PC can essentially do whatever they want. 

As stated on Reddit, Tower of Fantasy cheaters are always breaking apart the MMORPG. Whilst level caps prohibit ordinary players from getting too strong, hackers are able to blast far beyond the cap. 

Furthermore, ToF hackers are able to massively boost their suppressor levels as well. At the time of writing, the max suppressor level for actual players is 3.5. For cheats, it’s all the way at 7.5; that’s more than double! 

Why is this an issue? 

Currently, all of Tower of Fantasy’s leaderboards are populated with cheaters. Not only that, but there’s no way for proper players to actually make their way to the top as cheaters have impossible scores. 

Additionally, Tower of Fantasy does have PvP gameplay as well. This means that real players are going up against cheaters with no way of winning as they cannot get as strong as their opponent. 

At the time of writing, players are already tired of encountering Tower of Fantasy cheaters. Many are already claiming that the game will die due to the hackers, others simply don’t want to play until it’s finished. What’s certain is that hacking is a widespread issue. 

Have you been playing Tower of Fantasy? Are you encountering cheaters ruining the game for everyone? Tell us your experiences in the comments below.

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