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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower multiplayer is finally on the way

by Megusta Trần

Games Workshop’s turn-based dungeon crawler Warhammer Quest is getting a long-requested feature. That’s right, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower multiplayer is finally arriving on mobile. 

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower multiplayer 

Over the past two years, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower has been an enjoyable single-player experience. However, fans have clamoured for a multiplayer update to be able to battle against friends, just like the board game. 

That wish has finally been granted. In a new update, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower multiplayer will be added to the free-to-play game. Will you be diving back into the world of brutal strategy? 

Leaving on September 15th, the multiplayer update will only add one form of battle: 3v3. You can win the battle in one of two ways: kill their champions or smash their crystal. Which way will you choose? 

Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be that many multiplayer options. However, you will be able to create matches with any combinations of champions you’ve unlocked. It’s going to be brutal!

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That’s not all 

Alongside the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower multiplayer update, a host of new additions are coming to the game. For starters, three new champions are coming to the game! If you’re a Warhammer fan, these should excite you. 

As part of the update, the grimy rats The Skaven make their debut. Three new champions come to mark the race’s introduction. They’re gross, they’re rabid and they’re out for blood. 

Furthermore, there’s a huge update for those who like to accessorise. If you like clothing options, this update has a lot of them. There are now 50 new outfits for you to gather and equip. That’s right, there’s a passion for fashion. 

Finally, online leaderboard support is coming. Yes, you can finally show off that you’re better at Warhammer than everyone else. And we can be at the bottom of that leaderboard where we belong. 

If you want to play, download the game right here.

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